Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rubber Ducky

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. Life has taken a few twists and turns but hopefully I will now be able to keep  a regular date with my blog. In my Autumn blog I was waging a war with the parrots in my almond tree. Well suffice to say I think that this round was well and truly won by the birds. I think I have the fattest and most well fed parrots in the neighbourhood, but they are really beautiful and cloourful.Ah well, next year I will have to try harder. If any one has some good ideas let me know.

The team at White with One have a December challenge and the colour to use is banana with white.
I love yellow tones and had a lovely photo of Chloe that I thought would work well with this theme.
I used yellow paint for the masking and stamping and overlayed this with more stamping and then added a flower spray and some twine. I really love using twine. I also added some bling.

 I hope you enjoy my page and maybe get some ideas.
Happy Scrapping. Heather B

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The challenge at Kraft It Up for August is "Your Own Style". Well that got me thinking ..what is my style? I love lots of white space. I love flowers. I love machine stitching and I love my grandchildren. Also I like the photo to be the eyecatcher on the page.  Apart from that I'm not too sure that I have a particular style. Having said that my friends will often say " I saw a particular paper or embellishment and immediately thought of you". So maybe there is some sort of style there within my many pages.
So. I have done  a page of my grand daughter and everything I did I questioned, "is that my style?" In the end I thought what the heck and just did what I thought looked good and I think in the end that this is my style.
A Tip: When I machine stitch on my page I often put black thread in the bobbin and the  colour required  for the page on the top. This way the black creates a shadow in the stitching holes and makes it stand out more.
The title "cute'cumber" was  a suggestion from DD1. Which I thought was a great play on words.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoy my page.
Heather B.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's Explore Autumn.

Autumn this year has been beautiful. My almond tree is the first blossom out and this year I am going to try and beat the parrots to them. I have a plan. I hope it works. I like to encourage the birds in my garden, the blue wrens,the parrots, the finches and the honey eaters. But I also like my home grown fruit. So we need to draw a line in the sand, it will be interesting to see who is the victor.
I had these lovely photo's of Chloe taken at the Mt Lofty Botanical gardens in Autumn. This was her first experience of Autumn. She loves the outdoors. I enjoyed fussy cutting the leaves and the little critters amongst them.
I decided to use it for the The Bird Is The Word challenge.

I hope you enjoy my page.
Heather B.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Celebrate Turning 2.

The challenge on the Bird is the Word blog is to use the word Celebrate and use their sketch as well if you would like. I have based my page on the sketch and I have used some lovely photo's of Noah on his second birthday.I loved the little cars on this My little Shoebox paper and because Noah is so attracted to all things car and any thing mechanical I thought it was a good theme. He will walk around with a lid off a bottle and pretend it is a steering wheel and that he is driving it. He always brings a smile to your face.

I hope you enjoy my page.
Heather B

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today I'm 10.

When I started this page I thought back to the excitement of the day when Lily was born. The early morning call to say that she had arrived.Girl? Boy? Both OK? Name? Weight? All of the excited questions that you want to ask all at once. She was our first grandchild and the start of a new and different journey in our lives. Lily has been a joy and it was lovely looking at things through the eyes of a child again.
Now she is ten and you think ,"where did those years go so quickly." We are now approaching the tween years with anticipation. This is the wonderful thing about Scrapping, you preserve the memories of these years.
This page has been done for a challenge at Stuck.

I hope you enjoy my page.
Heather B.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bath Time

Dots. Polka Dots. This is the theme at Frosted Designs for their latest challenge. I love dots. The biggest challenge was  to decide on which spotted  paper to use. So I used a variety. I had a cute photo of Noah in the bath and I let this guide me. I'm almost at pumkin time with this challenge so thankfully it came together quickly....quite dotty really.

I hope you enjoy my page.
Heather B

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bath Time Belle

The lovely ladies at Stuck have a challenge this month using four photo's. I quite often get a lovely series of photo's and have a seriously hard time deciding which one to use. This challenge was great because I had some beautiful photo's of Chloe just after she had come out of the bath with the towel wrapped around her. She is such a happy little soul and just goes with the flow. It was lovely to be able to use a few of the photo's on one layout.


I'm a bit disappointed that my photo's are not clearer but I did not have very good light. I hope you enjoy my page.
Happy Scrapping.
Heather B.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


How many punches do I have in my drawer? To put it nicely ...quite a few. I do use them but maybe not as often as I could. When I saw that Frosted Designs had a challenge to use punches I thought that this was a great opportunity to dust off a few cobwebs.
I have used four border punches,including a Martha Stewart bird border punch,a beautiful Martha Stewart leaf punch, and also a Stampin' Up flower punch. With this one I punched a few flowers out of different papers, I then cut them up and put them back together to make the main flower on the page. I also used a small flower punch to scatter.
I picked up the colours from Lily's headband. I was glad to use all of these punches.. I think I used six punches.

                                This Page has been removed for publication


I thought that the colours turned out really nicely and worked well together. I hope that you enjoy my page.
Happy Scrappin'.
Heather B.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So Precious

Well I don't know what happened to my previous blog. I ended up with huge white space at the end of it. After prolonged attempts to edit I gave up. I hope you have persevered with it and made it through to the end. I hope this download or upload or whatever load goes through ok.
I found This challenge on The Frosted Designs site. It was white, black with one other colour. I already had black and white papers and embellishments sitting on my craft table from another page that I had done. As yellow is a particular favourite of mine I decided to use that.I found a pretty photo of Chloe that would suit these colours admirably and I was away.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Sweet

This was a page that I started at our Sunday Scrapday at Mudgegonga.I thought that it fitted beautifully with the Stuck challenge. I Have done such a lot of boy pages lately and I really wanted a lovely girly page. I started with the beautiful photo's of Chloe and the larger flowers and the twine. I think that was all I contributed and my fabulous scrapping friends all contributed. Delsie looked at my colours and said she had the perfect pattern paper to go with it and then threw a bit of spotty ribbon in and it looked wonderful. Along came Anthea who had some beautiful  hat pins that she had hand made and a few buttons and the page just fell together. So all in all this is a group contribution. I took it home and did a bit of final tweaking and it really is as pretty and girly as I had envisioned. Thank you ladies.
This is one of the really nice things about scrapping with a group, the friendly cameraderie.They make a good day a fabulous day.

These photo's show the detail of the


I thought the flowers complemented the papers beautifully.

Thanks for looking at my page. I hope that you enjoyed it.

Heather B.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This months challenge at White with One is to use white and black with banners/badges. Once again a dig in the trusty old stash to see what I could come up with.I found a few bits and bobs and also some badges...who would have thought. I had a sweet photo of Lily..and these are hard to get these I had to something special.

I have added little bits and pieces to the banner to
make it a bit more interesting and to give it more depth. It makes you delve into it to see what is there.

I hope you have enjoyed my page.

Happy Scrapping.
Heather B

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Princess Perfect

The wonderful team over at Stuck have a sketch challenge for the month that I thought that I would try.I had a cute photo of Chloe that I wanted to use  and I then made  flower using a daisy punch.


A bit of random twine, a banner and I loved the card with the birds. Unusually for me it all came together quickly. I hope you enjoy my page.

Happy Scrapping.
Heather B.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This months challenge at Scrapville is a 4 part challenge called Scrapburst.
#1 is a numbers challenge:
 1 x Stamped image
 2 xPhoto's
 3 x PPapers
 4 x Flowers
 5 x Flags or Bunting

This was good to work with and was challenging to tie yourself to what was required. I do love to use bunting on a boy's page and I was really happy with the flowers that I made as well. I didn't put in the photo of him chasing me with the hose. He thought it was great fun soaking Grandma.
#2 Place /Thing Photo- not a person.
Wow! This one got me going through the photo's. I dont't think that I have scrapped a page without a person....aka. Grandchild.. on it. In the end I surprised myself and had a couple of different choices for the photo's. I had fun with this and it bought back memories of a great holiday in Bali especially a fabulous walk in the countryside through the rice paddy's. Even the dragonflies evoked memories of being left behind as I gazed at  beautiful dragonfly's that glistened in the sun while everyone else was way down the track.
#3 White + One.  Orange. With variation Orange must be the dominant colour.  Not an east colour to work with. But I found a lovely photo of Noah that worked well with the colour challenge.
#4 Spellbinders x 3 Die shapes. I had to borrow from a friends stash for this one. Janet had a fabulous day with Lovely Linda from Spellbinders giving an interesting demo which included 2 take home cards. My Dies haven't arrived yet...hence  the borrowing.
 The good thing about a scrapburst is that it gets you going to finish a few pages in a short time. I needed this incentive to get my creative juices going again.I had a lovely day/evening scrapping with a friend and it was so enjoyable. I have a few ideas going round in my mind so I might get more  pages done. This lot seemed to be all about Noah so I will have to even the score and do some of Lily and Chloe.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Boy in a Hat

 For their March Challenge White With One have...White with Brown and Doodling.I have trawlled through the stash and come upwith a couple of browns and then I have added a bit of doodling with the little figures and then added a couple of photo's of my favourite little man. I had an all day scrap on Sunday with friends so I was able to finish with time to spare.

And another, a close up of this cheeky fellow.

Thanks for looking at my page. Happy Scrapping.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beautiful grandchild

With no apologies or further ado  I think it is the right and duty of everygrandparent to brag and skite. If you don't do it you are not doing the job right. If you want to continue reading consider yourself forwarned. Well I have been to visit our latest grand daughter so I have some fabulous photo's.. Oh and also to visit DD1 and SIL. Little Chloe is beautiful and is full of smiles and bubble blowing.

Janet at Scrapville has once again excelled herself with a beautiful Monthly Pack. It makes it easy when everything is there. This month it is Bo Bunny C'est la Vie.I was able to do a pretty girly page and ..believe it or not ...but I had some lovely girly photo's that did the papers justice.
I would love you to leave me a message if you agree.

I made some pretty flowers as embellishment from dress pattern paper and then spritzed them to pick up the colours in the paper pack.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my Blog.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cherish This Moment

Just a quick blog.I have just shifted house and still have boxes to my armpits.It took a while for the internet to be re-connected so I was off the air for a couple of weeks. I was told initially that it would be a few days for reconnection. Get Real.
I have done this page for Scrapville using this months pack. The pack had a lot of different elements to use. I layered the frames and the tags on one corner of the photo and tried to include plenty of butterflies.I thought that the antique look flower really went well with the theme of the black and white photo.

This card was amonthly card sketch challenge also for Scrapville.
Happy Scrapping everyone.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exciting News

I hope everyone had a wonderful Festive Season and that you had a lot of photo opportunities that will help you along with this years pages.I was lucky to spend the Christmas period with family and our beautiful little Granddaughter who this time last year wasn't even a twinkle in the eye. So this was a major bonus.

I am excited to announce that I have been chosen to be on the Scrapville Design Team for 2013. I am looking forward to the themes and sketches that Janet will challenge us with. It will also be exciting to be working with such a talented team.

Anita Bownds
Debi Clark
Sally Clark
Heather Bensley (ME)

Looking forward to a creative 2013.