Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Sweet

This was a page that I started at our Sunday Scrapday at Mudgegonga.I thought that it fitted beautifully with the Stuck challenge. I Have done such a lot of boy pages lately and I really wanted a lovely girly page. I started with the beautiful photo's of Chloe and the larger flowers and the twine. I think that was all I contributed and my fabulous scrapping friends all contributed. Delsie looked at my colours and said she had the perfect pattern paper to go with it and then threw a bit of spotty ribbon in and it looked wonderful. Along came Anthea who had some beautiful  hat pins that she had hand made and a few buttons and the page just fell together. So all in all this is a group contribution. I took it home and did a bit of final tweaking and it really is as pretty and girly as I had envisioned. Thank you ladies.
This is one of the really nice things about scrapping with a group, the friendly cameraderie.They make a good day a fabulous day.

These photo's show the detail of the


I thought the flowers complemented the papers beautifully.

Thanks for looking at my page. I hope that you enjoyed it.

Heather B.


  1. What a beautiful delicate page. It is such a joy to sit back and watch your pages come together .... I learn something new every time XX

  2. Lovely page Heather As is usual. I'm just loving those Scrapville Sunday Scrapdays at Mudgegonga. Such a relaxing spot makes it so easy to scrap. x