Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bath Time Belle

The lovely ladies at Stuck have a challenge this month using four photo's. I quite often get a lovely series of photo's and have a seriously hard time deciding which one to use. This challenge was great because I had some beautiful photo's of Chloe just after she had come out of the bath with the towel wrapped around her. She is such a happy little soul and just goes with the flow. It was lovely to be able to use a few of the photo's on one layout.


I'm a bit disappointed that my photo's are not clearer but I did not have very good light. I hope you enjoy my page.
Happy Scrapping.
Heather B.


  1. I love this, the one photo that is slightly bigger and a little higher makes all the difference...and I've just noticed the tiny bit of hair in the middle of her head that is standing up in every photo! LOL! Just gorgeous :) The bit of pink mesh at the back is a blast from the past! I think I have a tiny bit of the blue mesh left in my bits and bobs box, it's certainly gone the distance!

  2. Lovely layout. What a sweet baby. I love the little tuft of hair too.
    Cheers, Natalie