Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This months challenge at Scrapville is a 4 part challenge called Scrapburst.
#1 is a numbers challenge:
 1 x Stamped image
 2 xPhoto's
 3 x PPapers
 4 x Flowers
 5 x Flags or Bunting

This was good to work with and was challenging to tie yourself to what was required. I do love to use bunting on a boy's page and I was really happy with the flowers that I made as well. I didn't put in the photo of him chasing me with the hose. He thought it was great fun soaking Grandma.
#2 Place /Thing Photo- not a person.
Wow! This one got me going through the photo's. I dont't think that I have scrapped a page without a person....aka. Grandchild.. on it. In the end I surprised myself and had a couple of different choices for the photo's. I had fun with this and it bought back memories of a great holiday in Bali especially a fabulous walk in the countryside through the rice paddy's. Even the dragonflies evoked memories of being left behind as I gazed at  beautiful dragonfly's that glistened in the sun while everyone else was way down the track.
#3 White + One.  Orange. With variation Orange must be the dominant colour.  Not an east colour to work with. But I found a lovely photo of Noah that worked well with the colour challenge.
#4 Spellbinders x 3 Die shapes. I had to borrow from a friends stash for this one. Janet had a fabulous day with Lovely Linda from Spellbinders giving an interesting demo which included 2 take home cards. My Dies haven't arrived yet...hence  the borrowing.
 The good thing about a scrapburst is that it gets you going to finish a few pages in a short time. I needed this incentive to get my creative juices going again.I had a lovely day/evening scrapping with a friend and it was so enjoyable. I have a few ideas going round in my mind so I might get more  pages done. This lot seemed to be all about Noah so I will have to even the score and do some of Lily and Chloe.


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