Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today I'm 10.

When I started this page I thought back to the excitement of the day when Lily was born. The early morning call to say that she had arrived.Girl? Boy? Both OK? Name? Weight? All of the excited questions that you want to ask all at once. She was our first grandchild and the start of a new and different journey in our lives. Lily has been a joy and it was lovely looking at things through the eyes of a child again.
Now she is ten and you think ,"where did those years go so quickly." We are now approaching the tween years with anticipation. This is the wonderful thing about Scrapping, you preserve the memories of these years.
This page has been done for a challenge at Stuck.

I hope you enjoy my page.
Heather B.


  1. I love this page, it's such a lovely candid snap of Lily. The colours are gorgeous, bringing a real hint of her favourite! But I love the introductory paragraphs you wrote just as much, brought tears to my eyes. I think you should print off your paragraphs, lift one of your balloons and hide them under it for Lily to find in years to come :)

    1. Thanks. I really like the journalling idea.